Monday, July 12, 2010

Bumper Sticker Liberal

I drove to the hardware store yesterday -- not the big-box, just a nice neighborhood ACE.  Waiting in the checkout line in front of me was a woman buying paint who appeared to be in her 50's with bibs and paint splotched on her.   She seemed to be a pleasant, intelligent person --until we headed for the parking lot and I followed as her SUV headed for the exit.

On the back bumper was a simple sticker with two lines... each one backgrounded in a different color..the top red and the lower blue.  It read  " Red State Resident, Blue State Values."

Does she find living in Alaska so embarrasing that she must announce to the world that she is better and more moral than the conservative rednecks living around her?

Is she a political activist who finds a need to do whatever she can to bring the light of wisdom, however tiny, to the traffic morons she encounters?  

Whatever the motivation, the simple statement belies a huge difference in conservative principles and  liberal (socialist) "values".  But let's back up just a bit.

A conservative believes there are moral absolutes in the world; some things are right and others are wrong.  The circumstances notwithstanding.   We believe, for example, that it is right to protect your family, to personally help those in need and to treat people equitably.  We believe it is wrong to murder children, to steal from others or to use the legal system to punish political foes and reward friends.  Not so our liberal comrades where abortion-on-demand, massive deficit spending and Chicago-style gangland politics are given a pass in the era of the messiah, Obama.

To a liberal, the very act of declaring a value or "moral judgement" is a horrifying infringement of some "right." (see the post on Evan Sayet's speech)   Liberals have NO values, unless "living for the moment", "do what comes naturally", "do what feels good" or some other equally vapid phrase is the bumper sticker of the day guiding their lives.