Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Be Pro-Choice in Education--It Pays!

School choice should be a fundamental right in America. Not just legally, but backed financially with a voucher system that allows parents to use the taxes they pay for education for whatever school they choose.

There is good documentation for how well kids do in private schools, but this article shows there is a fiscal benefit to the state as well. Alaska is the leading spender of public money on education, but we also have failing schools -- 7 of the state's 40 high schools have drop out rates higher than 40%. Forty percent drop out rate! This is an outrage. This is terrible. This is underreported!

It is time to realize public schools are nothing more than indoctrination centers teaching political correctness not history, satisfaction with incompetence not a desire to be excellent, mindless acceptance not critical thinking.

According to an article at Heritage Foundation by Kirk Johnson,

Educational choice can improve educational achievement and states’ bottom lines. Not only do choice programs help students from lower-income families attend schools that they otherwise might not be able to attend, but they can also save money in the process. This should come as no great surprise; after all, it was a Nobel-prize winning economist, Milton Friedman, who first advocated such scholarships 50 years ago.[8] A record number of state legislatures have considered school choice legislation this year, indicating that such plans are gaining in popularity.[9] More should follow suit to make similar opportunities standard across the country.

read the whole article here.

Law of The Sea Treaty ---Just say NO!

From an article by C. Donovan at the Heritage Foundation is this:

The Law of the Sea Treaty ("Treaty") was conceived in 1982 by the United Nations (U.N.) as a method for governing activities on, over, and beneath the ocean's surface. It focuses primarily on navigational and transit issues.

The Treaty also contains provisions on the regulation of deep-sea mining and the redistribution of wealth to underdeveloped countries--as well as sections regarding marine trade, pollution, research, and dispute resolution.

The Bush Administration has expressed interest in joining the International Seabed Authority and has urged the U.S. Senate to ratify the Treaty. However, many of former President Ronald Reagan's original objections to the Treaty--while modified--still hold true today, and many of the possible national security advantages are already in place.

I quote further the same article:

Reagan's Objections

  1. Former President Reagan's first objection to the Treaty was the Principle of the "Common Heritage of Mankind," which dictates that oceanic resources should be shared among all mankind and cannot be claimed by any one nation or people. In order to achieve this goal, the Treaty creates the International Seabed Authority ("Authority") to regulate and exploit mineral resources. It requires a company to submit an application fee of $500,000 (now $250,000), as well as a bonus site for the Authority to utilize for its own mining efforts. Additionally, the corporation must pay an annual fee of $1 million, as well as a percentage of its profits (increasing annually up to 7%), and must agree to share mining and navigational technology--thereby ensuring that opportunities aren't restricted to more technologically advanced countries. The decision to grant or to withhold mining permits is decided by the Authority, which consists disproportionately of underdeveloped countries. Technology-sharing is no longer mandatory, however, there are remaining "principles" to guide its use and distribution. Additionally, the Council has been restructured so that the United States has a permanent seat, and developed countries can create a blocking vote.
  2. Secondly, former President Reagan believed that the Treaty would restrict the world's supply of minerals. The Treaty was originally designed to limit the exploitation of heavy minerals in order to protect the mineral sales of land-locked, developing nations. This is no longer a severe limitation, because production limits to preserve land-based mining have been removed.
  3. The third--and still valid--objection is that mandatory dispute resolution restricts autonomy. Either a U.N. court or tribunal must mandate maritime issues involving fisheries, marine environmental protection, and preservation, research, and navigation. A country may opt out if the dispute involves maritime boundaries, military, or limited law enforcement activities. Submitting to external jurisdiction creates an uncomfortable precedent. Furthermore, it weakens the U.S. argument of autonomy when it refuses to submit to the International Criminal Court. Additionally, a country must petition to be excluded from mandatory jurisdiction requirements.

Carrie E. Donovan is Production and Operations Coordinator in the Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute for International Studies at The Heritage Foundation.

Evidently, the Bush administration sees the need to have a seat at the table because the opening of arctic sea-floor oil exploration will be a real donnybrook. But I wonder if our enemies or competetors are going to abide by any rulings not helpful to them anyway. Like most moves by the UN, this seems to be one aimed at restricting America's soveriegnty and security.

Therefore, urge your legislators to vote no on the Treaty.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Citizen Warrior--Message to Peaceful Muslims

A terrific article at Citizen Warrior on how peaceful Muslims can work with us to defeat islamo-fascism.


If you peaceful Muslims are trying to defend your religious beliefs, I think most people would understand and sympathize with your motives. But by doing it here, what have you accomplished? On this site, and on many others, we are trying to defeat terrorism. Have you helped our cause? No. All you've done is try to convince us Islam is great.

You need to understand the effect of your defense on the non-Muslim mind. If you want to end Islamic terrorism, and if you understood what effect you had, you would stop defending your faith to infidels.

Because even if we all believed you, so what? Even if you successfully convinced us Islam is really a religion of peace, what difference would it make? Does it help us defeat terrorism?
No, not at all. We have terrorists quoting the Koran (urging Muslims to kill infidels) and we have other Muslims saying the Koran is only about peace. Where does that leave us? You've replaced clarity with confusion. You've replaced resolve with hesitation. And to that degree, you've given the terrorists the upper hand.
See the full article here.

Also see his seven steps to fighting terrorism.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Muslims Against Sharia

I had a post from the blogger at this site yesterday...and was a little suspicious so I went to the site to check it out. I am still a little puzzled but cautiously pleased by what I read.

The Manifesto they express admits a number of serious problems in the Koran and Islam in general which I have posted earlier on my site. Their solution is to take the offending verses out of the Koran and dispense with violent and arcane passages in the Hadiths and Sunna I suppose.

But gee whiz, if you find thousands of references to violence and domination to be offensive and not inspired by your diety, I would think it is time to turn to another source for enlightenment---not make one up to fit your idea of what religion should be.

Don't get me wrong. If these people are sincere, they are very courageous and just the kind of people we need in this world. What makes me shake my head is after acknowledging the awful truth about Islam, why stay with such a false doctrine?

Please, if you read this, consider the one true God who has been patiently waiting for you.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Choosing a President

The phalanx of Republican candidates is somewhat confusing. None of them seem to be fighting very hard, at least rhetorically, for the post position.

So here is a little info with links to the campaign sites:

taxes - keep 'em low
spending - keep it low
war - calls it war on terror, but considers the conflict important and generation-defining
guns - ok with 2nd amendment, tough on criminals--sound like gun control to me.
abortion - follows law, wants increase in adoptions
marriage - against gay marriage but supports civil unions
judges - will appoint strict constructionist
immigration - ? but NY is sanctuary city.

taxes - keep 'em low
spending - keep it low
war - calls it war with jihadists
immigration - wimpy language, no clear postion
guns - ?
abortion - against
marriage - against gay marriage
judges - ? probably constructionists
energy - open ANWR, pro-nuclear

taxes - keep 'em low
spending - keep it low
war - names radical islam and al qaeda
immigration - no amnesty, no tolerating sanctuary cities
guns _ strong supporter 2nd amendment
abortion - against
marriage - against gay marriage
judges - strict constructionist
energy - use domestic oil, blah blah blah

taxes - abolish all income and payroll tax
spending - keep it low
war - names Islamic fascists
immigration - no amnesty, build fence
guns - strongly pro 2nd amendment
abortion - strongly against
marriage - what do you think?
judges - ?
energy - strong for energy independence


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Why "Diversity Month" in Anchorage?

2007 Mayor's Diversity Month Diversity: Embrace the heart of it

September 15 through October 15

We read this headline in the Anchorage School District calendar. The description states
In 2004 the Mayor's Office launched Mayor's Diversity Week – a broad-based campaign that brought leaders and representatives from cultural, community, business, civic, religious and school-based organizations together to host events that combat bias and promote a respect for diversity. The city changed Mayor’s Diversity Week to Mayor’s Diversity Month in 2007, running September 15 through October 15.
OK, I have some questions.

1. Who is paying for this broad-based campaign?

2. What leaders and representatives were brought together, and when.

What 'religious' leaders were present? I didn't see any of them on the calendar.

3. What events were put on?
see muni calendar

A quick run-down of the list shows me some odd stuff mixed in with the expected art, lectures and books.

  • Tobacco Control - Effects of Tobacco Use ( are we to be less-biased towards smokers?)
  • Coalition for prisoner reentry
  • Rotary program to spread knowledge and awareness (of what --ed.)
  • Tour of Alaska Center for the Blind
  • Anchorage Concert Assn...Ravi Coltrane
  • Fashion and diversity
  • Women of Color Roundtable ( Now THAT sounds diverse! -- How about we have a White Lady Roundtable?)
  • Immigration Justice Project ( why does combatting diversity include disrespecting federal law?)
  • Rally to promote diversity by Universal Peace Federation ( Is this headed by Cindy Sheehan?)
  • Understanding and improving your credit score ( whaaat ?? )
  • The Hollywood librarian
  • Alaska Divas concert
  • DMC planning. Review data and develop an action plan to address minority overrepresentation in the juvenile justice system. ( ah, do we actually need to wonder why? Could it be parenting? Oh, heavens no!)
  • National Coming Out Day Party ( yes, we need to learn to appreciate all forms of perversity and insanity)

4. How did those events combat bias and promote a respect for diversity. Some were likely effective in giving an impression of commonality or let a child register a pleasant feeling about another race/culture. Others were just publicity attempts, or space fillers.

You might wonder how one respects "diversity" anyway. It is rather like respecting the weather. I think it would be more useful to dispense with the facade, and just BE diverse. Don't try to indoctrinate us to respect illegal immigrants or sexual deviants.

I wonder how much of a racial problem we would have if not constantly stirred up by race pimps like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Gee whiz, so much of what goes for cultural understanding amounts to enabling bad behavior. Listen to Bill Cosby, not Cynthia McKinney, Malik Shabaaz, Conye West or other idiots of color.

And speaking of idiots, given the cast of characters listed above why Al Gore wasn't here. An idiot of a different color.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Islamic arguments fall short of rational

In the islamic apologetic scene, or in debates I've seen, there appears to be a pattern to the arguments made by Musilms.

When presented with direct questions the Muslim apologist answers with the "yeah, well so are you" debating principle--as in "other religions have their violent sects too."

Another useful technique seems to be one many politicians like to use...mind-numbing details about totally irrelevant subjects. A good case in point is the recent speech by President Im-on-a-jihad at Columbia University. Presented with some hard-hitting questions, he responded with a lecture on the wonders of science and knowledge.

Appealing to the kuffar's sense of fairness and gullibility is heavily relied on. Frequent use of common terms and names that carry different meanings to a Muslim can confuse or mollify the kuffar.

  • "We honor Abraham, Moses, and Jesus" . When the names they use are not the people we know by those names.
  • "We respect the Jewish and Christian Scriptures" Without saying they believe the Scriptures to be 'corrupted' and invalid.
  • "The Koran teaches us to love the 'people of the book'" Without saying it also tells them Jews and Christians are apes and monkeys or that they should be killed.
  • "Islam is peace" Well, Islam means submission....and they are saying everything will be peaceful if you only submit - to islam. Hmm, doesn't seem to be working between Sunni and Shia very well. I think I'll take my chances on my side.
When all else fails, ad hominum attacks, yelling, screaming and burning flags or buildings are employed generously. To the more sophisticated islamist, instead of yelling and screaming, indignant accusations of islamophobia are often helpful to set the kuffar on uneasy ground.

Of course, we can always be cut off at the knees by references to the crusades. Oh my goodness, don't bring up the crusades!

It seems to me, the least used, and probably least understood by islamists, is rational thought based on facts.

ACES oil tax public hearing on Sunday

• Sunday in Anchorage -- 2 p.m., Loussac Library, Wilda Marston Theatre

This is an important issue. Be there. See the proposed bill here.

A letter I sent to my legislators:

I may be in the same boat as many of your constituents in that I don't really know what prevailing oil/gas extraction taxes are around the world. I don't hive time to research it and trust that you will have some of that done by your staff.

So I would like to present my request on the subject of the ACES plan put forward by Gov. Palin.

I do not want Alaska to over react to the slimy politics of the last session, and go hard after the 'bad guys' just to show we can. Increasing taxes to the point where it is not economically feasible for oil companies to make a healthy profit doesn't make good sense.

I don't have any problem with profits. I don't care if corporations want to pay their CEOs five hundred million dollars. It isn't my concern.

What does concern me is that Alaska provide a business stimulating environment which employs those of us who live here.

The conceptual problem, as I see it, is we either try to rake off a cut on the front end with taxes or rely on increased employment and circulation of money on the other end to provide the boost in economy.

Bottom line, please err on the side of low taxes in your decision.

Thank you for your time,

Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Make Peace With Us - Or Else"

More hilarious comedy from the mullahs. This just in via Jihad Watch ...

A snippet of the Crazy Bearded Guys Comedy Show:

In an unprecedented open letter signed by 138 leading scholars from every sect of Islam, the Muslims plead with Christian leaders "to come together with us on the common essentials of our two religions" and spell out the similarities between passages of the Bible and the Koran.

The scholars state: "As Muslims, we say to Christians that we are not against them and that Islam is not against them - so long as they do not wage war against Muslims on account of their religion, oppress them and drive them out of their homes."

This is just too much....bwuahaha . "similarities between...Bible and Koran" HOO HA HA. As if we didn't know Mohammad plagarized from the Jewish Scriptures. guffaw.

"Islam is not against them - so log as they DO NOT WAGE WAR against Muslims.."" HAHAHAHAHA ... Stop, stop it's getting hard to breathe. What a funny show! Completely off the charts. You guys should do Vegas. ....type...eyes ... filled ... with ... tears.

Have a nice day.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

"Scholars" dig into muslim culture at APU

An article in Alaska Daily News today on page B1 reads "Scholars Dig Into Muslim Culture.

It is a piece on the current series at APU called Engaging Muslims, in a Q&A style inteview with Regina Biosclair, Cardinal Newman Chair of Catholic Theology. There wasn't much digging, just a quick fly-over of someone's fantasy land.

I am happy to learn about other cultures and develop relationships with just about anyone, but please--in the name of all that is good and truthful--don't try to decieve me.

Regina Boisclair was asked by ADN reporter "Why is it important for the general public to understand Islam?"

Before giving Ms. Boisclair's answer, let us look more deeply at the question. The primary assumption by questioner is the "general public" does not understand Islam. Secondarily, she assumes that Ms. Boisclair must truly understand. After all she is chair of Catholic Theology. She probably has time to read and research such things. Well, more than ignorant working people, anyway.

OK, I'm ready to grant a level of scholarship to someone with the august title of Chair of Catholic Theology.

I know you can't wait. What's the answer? Gee, what does the great Christian Scholar of Theology think we all need to understand?

A. "So that they don't go around thinking Muslims worship another god (sic), so they don't go around thinking these people are evil, so they come to recognize that the Muslim world condemns terrorism."

"Westerners have a long history of predjudice, suspicion and fear of Islam going back thousands of years. But Islam is part of the family tradition--it's one of the three Middle Easterm Monotheisms, of which Judaism and Christianity are the others. They all have one god(sic), anointed humans, sacred texts, community who observe prayer, fasting and alms-giving and go on pilgrimage. Wat we have is difficulties in the family."
And this woman gets paid for her contribution? I'm sorry to have to submit that either she is grossly and regrettably misinformed or she has willfully attempted to deceive people who look up to her.

Look again at what she said.

1. "so they don't ... think Muslims worship another god"

I can understand why someone who had never done any research would buy that line. After all, it all sounds pretty similar, doesn't it. Mentioning the names of Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, Jacob, Moses, Jesus -- gee, it must be a 'family' thing.

What I can't tolerate is someone who espouses scholarship in theology and yet would perpetrate such a monstrous and demonstrable lie. Allah is not Yahweh...the Koran is without question the antithesis of the Bible.

I leave it to the reader to do his own research. There is plenty of information available ... you can start with the links on this blog. Try Answering Islam for starters.

2. " they don't go around thinking these people are evil..."

You know, I struggled with a facet of this question for some time after I realized that Islam was a vile cult given birth through a man of very low character. I have had close friends in the past who were Muslim--they were very nice folks. I came to realize that there is Islam (which is most definitely evil) and there are "cultural" Muslims (who may be just as ignorant of Islam as many Westerners). Not knowing much about their religion, they just want like many people, to pursue a decent and quiet life.

What the "general public" needs to know is more truth about what Islam teaches and the best way to help Muslims escape it.

3. "...the Muslim world condemns terrorism..."

Is this person on some high doses of non-prescription medication? Does she have a newspaper, a TV, a computer? Or does she say this because she actually thinks people will believe her?

Unfortunately, the room full of people at the first public lecture did, I think.

I don't remember seeing one demonstration by Muslims protesting Jihad or the Islamofacists. However, there are hundreds, if not thousands of examples of Muslims rallying to chant "Death to America!", or "Kill Those Who Insult Islam". There are many videos of these loving examples of Muslim peacefulness and piety, so it's a little difficult to swallow such a large bolus of crap.

4. "Westerners have a long history of predjudice, suspicion and fear of Islam going back thousands of years."

What in the world is she talking about? Most Westerners hadn't a passing interest in Islam because they never really encountered it--until 9/11. Unless, she happens to be speaking of the few hundred years of Muslim conquest of the Mediterranean and Spain, which was finally stopped by Europeans who were a little tired of being attacked and subjugated.

And please, "thousands of years"? As a scholar of theology, surely she would know that Islam got rolling in the seventh century when Mohammed had his encounter with the spirit world. That amounts to 1400 it would more accurate to say hundreds of years. Assuming, of course, that what she was saying was true anyway.

5. And the most egregious statement of all from someone putatively learned: "Islam is part of the family." No, dear sister, not my family. Do some reading, or stop lying.

On her behalf, I have to say that she is probably only touting the Papal line...for he said the same horrible lie when he addressed Moroccans in 1985, saying "we worship the same God".

"They all have one god(sic)," (tell that to Muslims, who think Christians are polytheists)

"anointed humans," (Only Catholics, sorry)
sacred texts, (true)
community who observe prayer, (true, but in a fundamentally different way)
fasting and alms-giving (true)
and go on pilgrimage. (where do christians and jews go for the Haj? Maybe she didn't have time to read the Bible and see that there is no mention of pilgrimage.)

Another question by the intrepid reporter: "What things about Islam would surprise us, if we knew?"

A. Muslims invented algebra. ...The whole foundation of the Western Renaissance and enlightenment came out of Islamic scholarship. The philosophical background to Thomas Aquinas great works came out of Islamic scholarship.?

Ms. Boisclair, you really MUST start reading a little bit.

What you say is so ridiculous, it is laughable. But even if Muslims HAD invented algebra, which they didn't--sorry it was the Greeks, what have they done with it? Nothing. Hey, the Greeks invented everything, right? insert smile here ... Diophantus. was instrumental of course, as well as many cultures. but after al-Khwarizmi wrote about quadratic equations and became the "father of Algebra", what did the wonderful Persian empire do with the knowledge?

What has any Muslim-dominated society done with science? Nothing. The so-called Golden Age of Islam occurred under rulers not interested in fundamentalist, strictly applied Islam. They wisely adopted the scholars of conquered countries and let them continue to study.

As soon as the non-fundamentalists were supplanted by the Islamists, all progress and learning came to an end. Just look around the world! Where are the great economies, the great scientific discoveries, the great humanitarian efforts?

Let me give you a hint. It isn't in a Muslim-dominated country.

As for philosophy, Islam does not encourage philosophy or thinking, so don't even try that one. If you think me harsh....go find out the truth for yourself. This is no time to be ignorant and certainly no time to be hiding the truth from "the general public" because it might offend someone.

We need to understand that Islam is an evil and destructive cult. Only then can we see the need to help Muslims escape that prison. There is no rapprochement between fundamental Islam and civilization--there is only domination. I only hope it doesn't take another 9/11 for you to realize that.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Saturday afternoon break.

OK, I needed a lighter fare. This is just too darned cute!

Humans Can't Affect Earth Temperature!

How is it that normally intelligent people fall for such crackpot ideas? Sheesh, back in the seventies we were all getting ready for 'Global Cooling'. Now it's 'Global Warming' and according to idiots like Al Gore, humans caused it and can fix it.

In addition to being unscientific, hysterical and nutty--the assertion we can change the climate is wildly arrogant.

It doesn't take a climate researcher to understand that the Earth undergoes swings in cooling and warming just like every other sysem we encounter -- it changes over time.

Read this very good article on the effect of Solar magnetic field and cosmic rays on cooling. The Sun protects us from cosmic rays by covering us in the 'solar wind'. When it is very active, you see lots of sunspots and the cosmic radiation does not penetrate to earth.

That is significant because, as the article explains, the little cosmic-ray bullets knock around sub atomic particles in the lower atmosphere causing water vapor to condense. Condensation equals clouds equal cooler temperatures.

Well, hello, our modern warming period correlates nicely with the decreased solar magnetic field.

check out the full article here.

Hey, and just one parting shot. Carbon Dioxide is not a pollutant, it is plant food.

What's so Bad About a Mormon President?

So Mitt Romney is a Mormon. Fine. Just because I believe another person is following a cult, is no reason I can't work with or get along with him.

But I have a basic problem with electing him to a position as the most powerful person on the planet. I prefer that my president is truthful, and wise. Not always achievable, but that's what I'd like. Romney just doesn't do it for me. Either he is a Mormon in name only, or he is fully aware of Mormon theology and history--both positions cause me concern.

If he is the former, and merely warms a pew on Sunday, then I fault him for not being willing or interested enough to know what he believes about the most important issue of his life. What kind of man would say he belongs to what many consider a cult and not get to the bottom of it.

Not the kind of man I want for president.

If he does know about Mormonism, about its history and teachings, then I believe he has a serious problem discerning truth from fiction. I do not believe him to be stupid, so I fault him for bad judgment.

Not the kind of man I want for president.


And by the way, one of my cult links has a great read on witnessing to Mormons ... here is an excerpt:

What is the point of all of this? The majority of those that come out of the cults come out because they are looking for the truth. Almost everybody that comes out of the Mormon Church, comes out because they are looking for the truth. Next time you witness to a Mormon, don't discuss eternal marriage; don't discuss major doctrines of the Bible, go straight to the Old Testament and show them Deuteronomy 18. Agree together that the first one of you that lies is serving the false religion. .....

If they are not interested in the truth, you can never convince them. You can beat all their arguments with Scripture, but that will not change them. You can prove that Joseph Smith is a false prophet, that there are mistranslations, that nothing about the archaeology of the Book of Mormon is correct, but they will walk out the door believing in Mormonism and they will just go on to the next door. Once the Mormon hears the gospel and rejects it, let them go. ...

You have to love them, and you have got to show them right away that what they are following is false. And if they will not accept that, you will get nowhere. It is up to the Spirit of God now, because your arguments will not work. Jesus said:
"Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me."
(Revelation 3:20)

Friday, October 5, 2007

Where Have All the Polar Bears Gone?

The Anchorage Daily News has had several articles on the effects of global warming...some pretty emotional, like this one "Alaskans urge Congress to take action on global warming" and tells of the concerns of the eroding village of Shishmaref.

While it makes a good story, the plea that congress do something about it is like saying "make the sun cooler, please."

Read this excellent article by Timothy Ball

some others:

Is Environmentalism is the new socialist movement to control mankind? Interesting question. Also interesing that the first thing Mikael Gorbachov did when USSR dissolved -- was get into the green party. Guess he was just a closet environmentalist all those years as president of the most environmentally friendly nation on earth.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Islam, the Greeks and the Scientific Revolution

A trio of outstanding essays by Fjordman posted on Dhimmiwatch. A must read for any thinking person who desires to know how illogical and silly are claims that everything important was invented by muslims.

Muslims failed to develop clocks and eyeglasses and were actively hostile to printing, yet immediately embraced gunpowder and firearms (though the development of the latter soon stagnated, too). I think this highly selective view of technology tells us something about their mentality: They didn't see the value in printing, but they liked gunpowder since it could be used to terrorize and intimidate non-Muslims. Infidel technology is primarily interesting if it can be used to blow up other infidels. Sadly, I'm not so sure Islamic mentality has changed significantly in the 800 years since then. During the past few decades, globalization, Muslim immigration to the West and the massive influx of petrodollars to Muslim nations with huge reserves of petroleum have enabled Muslims to acquire or buy technology they are unable to develop themselves. The result, along with a huge demographic increase in Muslims which is again caused by infidel advances in medicine, has been a tidal wave of Jihad sweeping across the world. The lesson for non-Muslims should be: If you provide Muslims with technology and know-how, this will not be used to create peaceful and prosperous societies; it will be used to kill or subjugate you.
As writer Bassam Tibi notes, Muslims today tend to view science as something that is separated from society, and believe they can adopt or appropriate modern science and technology but not the wider framework that goes with them.
I agree with Tibi. Muslims have no understanding of science as the basis of technological progress, and free speech and rational criticism of everything, including religious doctrines, as the basis of science. They talk about science as if it were a commodity, a television or a personal computer, something which Muslims "had" earlier, then "lost" or handed over to Westerners who "took" it from them. Hence, Muslims shouldn't feel grateful for anything infidel science provides them with, since science was really "theirs" in the first place and they're just taking back something which rightfully belongs to them. But science isn't a commodity; it is a method, a way of looking critically and rationally at the world.

full article here.

Interesting isn't it, that the current Islamic crazies are funded by the oil that Infidels developed the technology and processes for extracting. And what exactly have these oil-rich nations done with their money, except consume and acquire? Hello? ...........chirp, chirp, chirp. /snoman off