Saturday, October 6, 2007

Humans Can't Affect Earth Temperature!

How is it that normally intelligent people fall for such crackpot ideas? Sheesh, back in the seventies we were all getting ready for 'Global Cooling'. Now it's 'Global Warming' and according to idiots like Al Gore, humans caused it and can fix it.

In addition to being unscientific, hysterical and nutty--the assertion we can change the climate is wildly arrogant.

It doesn't take a climate researcher to understand that the Earth undergoes swings in cooling and warming just like every other sysem we encounter -- it changes over time.

Read this very good article on the effect of Solar magnetic field and cosmic rays on cooling. The Sun protects us from cosmic rays by covering us in the 'solar wind'. When it is very active, you see lots of sunspots and the cosmic radiation does not penetrate to earth.

That is significant because, as the article explains, the little cosmic-ray bullets knock around sub atomic particles in the lower atmosphere causing water vapor to condense. Condensation equals clouds equal cooler temperatures.

Well, hello, our modern warming period correlates nicely with the decreased solar magnetic field.

check out the full article here.

Hey, and just one parting shot. Carbon Dioxide is not a pollutant, it is plant food.

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