Saturday, October 13, 2007

Islamic arguments fall short of rational

In the islamic apologetic scene, or in debates I've seen, there appears to be a pattern to the arguments made by Musilms.

When presented with direct questions the Muslim apologist answers with the "yeah, well so are you" debating principle--as in "other religions have their violent sects too."

Another useful technique seems to be one many politicians like to use...mind-numbing details about totally irrelevant subjects. A good case in point is the recent speech by President Im-on-a-jihad at Columbia University. Presented with some hard-hitting questions, he responded with a lecture on the wonders of science and knowledge.

Appealing to the kuffar's sense of fairness and gullibility is heavily relied on. Frequent use of common terms and names that carry different meanings to a Muslim can confuse or mollify the kuffar.

  • "We honor Abraham, Moses, and Jesus" . When the names they use are not the people we know by those names.
  • "We respect the Jewish and Christian Scriptures" Without saying they believe the Scriptures to be 'corrupted' and invalid.
  • "The Koran teaches us to love the 'people of the book'" Without saying it also tells them Jews and Christians are apes and monkeys or that they should be killed.
  • "Islam is peace" Well, Islam means submission....and they are saying everything will be peaceful if you only submit - to islam. Hmm, doesn't seem to be working between Sunni and Shia very well. I think I'll take my chances on my side.
When all else fails, ad hominum attacks, yelling, screaming and burning flags or buildings are employed generously. To the more sophisticated islamist, instead of yelling and screaming, indignant accusations of islamophobia are often helpful to set the kuffar on uneasy ground.

Of course, we can always be cut off at the knees by references to the crusades. Oh my goodness, don't bring up the crusades!

It seems to me, the least used, and probably least understood by islamists, is rational thought based on facts.


The Patriot76 USA said...

No matter how they spin it, it's always the same islamo talking points. It's not peace they seek but domination through war and submission. It's also pointless to debate them. Now they want to exile Jews from THEIR Israel to Alaska. If the pathetic Olmert government stays in power in Israel, the exile may just happen.

If the real Jews stand up to this Israeli dictator, Iran will be defeated, thus, giving the USA more peace and opening up the eyes of the ignorant. There will be no peace until Iran is brought down to it's knees. There is no Islamic argument, just lies.

Peace through WAR is possible on our terms, not theirs.

snowman said...

"If the real Jews stand up to this Israeli dictator..."

Please explain this one. Maybe a typo?

Judith said...

I believe what patriot76 meant by "real Jews" are those who don't sit back and let people like Olmert give away Israel piece by piece to the likes of the so called Palestinians.
The Jews who don't believe that beating their swords into plows before the war is over kind of Jew, in other words.

snowman said...

I got that part...but "Israeli Dictator?" Olmert is more of a weenie than a dictator. I have to believe the comment was "Iranian dictator."

Judith said...

Ah, OK! I see what you meant.

They need to stand up to the likes of Olmert the "weenie", also and his goons that drag their own people from their rightful homes.
I'm not holding my breath though.

snowman said...

It is indeed maddening and highly perplexing that anyone in Israel, especially leaders, would believe that the Palis would be nice if only they are given land. Yea, that worked real well didn't it?

Time for a return of the adults--like Netanyahu. Sadly, the land give-aways have only emboldened the islamists and made Israel more vulnerable.