Thursday, January 10, 2008

Spotted in Anchorage: The Nutty Professor

Here is a copy of a page from Alaska Pacific University...I can hardly believe the blindness these people stumble around in....worse yet they are teaching with this mindset. My editorial comments are in blue.

Engaging Muslims: Religion, Cultures, Politics

A Community Education Project
Sponsored by the Cardinal Newman Chair of Catholic Theology at Alaska Pacific University

Global issues mandate that Americans gain a better understanding of Islam. This is especially true as we face the upcoming national presidential election. Islam is now the second largest religious community in the United States. Anchorage is now home to over 2000 Muslims.

Yes, Americans should gain a better understanding of Islam. We should understand that Islam is violent, dominating and incompatible with our understanding of freedom. Second largest religious community in the US?? You must be smoking something funny. There are 2 million Muslims in America. Less than 1 percent of our population. Doesn't sound like a major movement.

Under the direction of the Cardinal Newman Chair, Alaska Pacific University is spearheading a project to foster a respectful understanding of Islam that recognizes the diversity in Islamic cultures as well as internal struggle within the contemporary Muslim world.

I have an idea. Let's spearhead a project to get adherents of Islam to respect our culture. I'm growing weary of Muslims whining about Islamophobia when Americans choose not to be intimidated.

While this engagement will not solve world problems, it is our hope that we will all grow beyond the distortions and phobia promoted in much of the public media and come to grow in friendship with our Muslim neighbors. We certainly can expect to ask better questions and to address these to candidates for public office.

Exactly what 'distortions and phobia' might be the point here. Might you be referring to the following: Islam calls for the death of apostates, the subjugation or death of non-Muslims, the killing of homosexuals, the amputation of hands and feet for thieves, the beating or stoning of adulterers. Oh golly, that isn't a distortion, that's fact,

So what better questions would you like to address candidates for office with?

What our politicians need to do is call a spade a spade. While many Muslims may be disengaged from their religious doctrine or just choose to ignore the unpleasant side of it, there are way too many who are happy with the fundamentalism of the Islamists. Islamo-fascism has declared war on civilization and we need to combat it. How are you going to do that Mr. President-elect?

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