Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Alaska Legislature trying socialized medicine?

Yikes! Mandatory Universal Health Care. Call your representative now, and say NO.

HB242, Sponsors LEDOUX, Buch, Gara
TITLE: "An Act establishing an Alaska health care program to ensure insurance coverage for essential health services for all residents of the state; establishing the Alaska Health Care Board to define essential health care services, to certify health care plans that provide essential health care services, and to administer the Alaska health care program and the Alaska health care fund; establishing the Alaska health care clearinghouse to administer the Alaska health care program under the direction of the Alaska Health Care Board; establishing eligibility standards and premium assistance for persons with low income; establishing standards for accountable health care plans; creating the Alaska health care fund; providing for review of actions and reporting requirements related to the health care program; and providing for an effective date."

and SB160
Sponsors: FRENCH, Ellis, Wielechowski See full text of bill here


Some of this is pretty scary for Alaska...such as:

23 Sec. 18.06.050. Essential health care services; eligibility. (a) Every resident
24 of the state who is not a beneficiary of a health care plan providing coverage for
25 essential health care services, or who is not eligible to be enrolled in a publicly funded
26 medical assistance program providing services equal to coverage for essential
27 care services, shall participate in the Alaska health care program.

Every resident? Legal resident or anyone? Why should I pay for people who are not here legally?

Well the bill defines 'resident' as that described in AS01.10.055--All you have to do is plant your illegal carcass here and you qualify for free health care under this bill!

AS 01.10.055. Residency.

(a) A person establishes residency in the state by being physically present in the state with the intent to remain in the state indefinitely and to make a home in the state.

So where does the Alaska Health Care Fund get its money?
28 Sec. 18.06.070. Alaska health fund. (a) The Alaska health fund is established
29 as a separate trust fund of the state. The fund consists of

30 (1) state money appropriated to subsidize uncompensated care;

31 (2) federal money appropriated to the fund;

01 (3) private employer and employee health care contributions received
02 by the department and appropriated to the fund;

03 (4) health care premiums received by the department and appropriated
04 to the fund;

05 (5) other appropriations by the legislature;

06 (6) contributions appropriated to the fund from the United States

07 government and its agencies, or from any other source, public or private, provided for
08 purposes that are consistent with the goals of the Alaska health care program; and
09 (7) interest earnings from investments of the fund appropriated to
10 fund.

Get ready to open your pockets, taxpayers! Yes, we will treat some emergent health problem for people who can't pay for it...but hospitals do that NOW! What we will begin promoting are long lines and poor care at tremendous cost..

Here is a good look at Universal Health Care
To quote a bit of it:

Can you imagine, in such a climate, that we will not end up with some form of tax funded universal health care?

If we do, you can be sure of two things . . .

1. The resulting policy will be sold as a visionary step forward
2. The prices and terms of your health-care will be set behind closed doors

The so-called visionary quo will come in return for a substantial quid. The program will amount to the most massive system of corporate welfare yet devised.

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