Friday, September 28, 2007

The same God?

Islam purports to worship the same deity as the Jews and Christians. Does this make sense? What evidence is there to support such a claim? If such a statement were untrue, it would unravel the whole of Islam, wouldn't it?

Let us look at the respective natures of Allah and Yahweh.

1. Allah does not enter time and space to communicate with his creation. Yahweh has numerous contacts with his creation, beginning with Adam in the garden continuing through the incarnation in Jesus and culminating in the presence of the Holy Spirit in believers today. This is undeniably a deal breaker in the attempt to argue for identity of Allah and Yahweh.

2. Allah is not constrained by concepts such as logic and reason, he can produce evil, he delights in punishing those who do not believe, yet it is oddly said that he is merciful.

Yahweh is unchanging, always forgiving, always good and always faithful. Yahweh demonstrates love and compassion those who deny him, giving them many opportunities to return to His love.

It was this consistent faithfulness that Abraham relied upon when God told him to sacrifice Isaac...But God had promised to bless Abraham with multitudes of descendants through Isaac. Abraham knew he could rely on God's promise and that somehow God would make this work -- A much different and infinitely more profound story than that of the Abraham written of in the Quran, who submitted to an apparently monstrous command by Allah without any reason to believe Allah would or could make good on his promise. This difference between obedience and submission is food for a lot of conversation.

3. Names: Allah is not a name, but a title, where Yahweh is the personal name of God. If Allah gave the scriptures to the Jews, why isn't Allah mentioned once? Yahweh is mentioned thousands of times in the Bible.

4. Muslims account for the differences between the three faiths by insisting the Bible has been corrupted. On its face, this is a preposterous argument, since the Bible is not just believed to be scrupulously accurate, but historically and verifiably so. Allah's document came through one man, has no documentation even remotely close to the Bible verification.

Interestingly, the Quran says the Bible was not corrupted at the time of when exactly did this 'corruption' occur? And given the fact that we have early manuscripts of the Bible available from 100 AD, we also have the astounding comparison of Dead Sea scrolls showing the Bible hasn't been 'corrupted' from Jesus time forward.

Try this illustration. If I wrote a book on how to build a chair, and it was translated into several different languages, I might see that in Thai, there was an interpretation of Oak to say Teak or perhaps some Alaska Native translated knife as 'ulu'. Now, there would be discrepancies in the Thai and Alutiq translations for sure, but the message of how to build a chair is still there for both to see.

Similarly, the Bible has been translated from its original Hebrew and Greek into thousands of languages...but the message of God's redeeming and sacrificial love is always there. A much different message than that of mankind's need to submit to a being that delights in death and suffering.


snowman said...

--an excerpt from

They (the Hadith collections)also explain the Qur'an - a book so deficient in context and chronology, it can only be understood when seen through the eyes of the Sunnah writers.

Throughout Prophet of Doom, I have been less concerned with the validity of these sources than with what they have to say. Their message is all Muslims have. Together, the Sunnah and Qur'an are Islam. Therefore, I was willing to take them at face value.

But you don't have to dig very deep to find the truth. Even a cursory reading of the Qur'an is sufficient to prove that it is a fraud. There is no way the creator of the universe wrote a book devoid of context, without chronology or intelligent transitions. Such a creative spirit wouldn't need to plagiarize. He would know history and science and thus wouldn't have made such a fool of himself. The God who created man wouldn't deceive him or lead him to hell as Allah does. Nor would he order men to terrorize, mutilate, rob, enslave, and slaughter the followers of other Scriptures he claims he revealed, wiping them out to the last. One doesn't need a scholastic review of the Qur'anic text to disprove its veracity. It destroys itself quite nicely.

muhairi8 said...

First let me start with something, the Arab Christians use the word Allah, actually you can find the word Allah in the Arabic Bible.

"Allah is not a name"

Actually it is a name.

"If Allah gave the scriptures to the Jews, why isn't Allah mentioned once? "

It is in the Arabic Bible because Allah is an Arabic word for God or "the God".

"Interestingly, the Quran says the Bible was not corrupted at the time of Mohammed"

Really can you show me the verse?

Let me explain to you something, I know that Muslims always say that the Bible was corrupted but when you ask them how they don't know.

I will give you an example:
If you asked me do I believe in the Arabic Quran, I will say Yes because it is the same language that God "Allah" and the same way that it was revealed but if you asked me do I believe in the Translation of the Quran I will say No, because it is a translation made by Humans who do mistakes or get programed.

For example the KJV has many errors in it and it is not the first translation, it is a translation of many other translations:

About the Quran would you like me to explain any misunderstanding to you?It will be my honor to do so.

snowman said...

You find allah used in the arabic translation of bible because it is a God is a title. Please try to be logical. Then you go on to state that very thing! Are you just stupid?

It is in the Arabic Bible because Allah is an Arabic word for God or "the God".

If you do not know the quran instructed muslims to respect and follow the bible, you need to check it again.

"When you ask them (muslims) they don't know". My point exactly. That is because it is totally illogical.
" it is the same language that God "Allah" and the same way that it was revealed "

hahahahaha, you really are comical. The magic, secret language argument, hunh? What would God's point be in revealing His word to the world in an arcane language that is understood by very few people? You're undoubtedly an exception.

Don't you guys see how idiotic that statement is...especially the great part about translations are not valid. You have no concept that words are just symbols?

You'll help with any "misunderstanding?" Yea, I'll bet you will. I understand it very well, unfortunately for you and your fellow deceivers. I am doing my best to help others know what underpins the Islamo-Fascists and their war on civilization.

Sorry for being harsh, but the time is over for playing nice. This is serious stuff and you and your coreligionists need to know that we are on to you now.