Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mr. President, what the hell has happened to you?

article from The Spectator :

We’ve all been here before. Annapolis is a re-run of the Madrid conference which ushered in the Oslo ‘peace’ process. The principal outcome of that was to reconfigure in the gullible western mind a genocidal project as a liberation movement, mightily arm the Palestinians with American and European money and enable them to slaughter more than a thousand Israeli innocents while reconfiguring Israel as the villain of the piece. But that whole process was due to the fact that, before 9/11, a lot of very silly people, including your predecessors, lived in cloud cuckoo-land.

One question, Mr President: what the hell has happened to you?

And concering the real prospect of negotiated peace...the issue is the existence or non-existence of Israel, at least for the Palis. They have made some public statements to the West about how they would live together happily with Jews, but in Arabic at home and in the mosques the chant is still "Kill the them to the sea." So hew do you expect Israel to negotiate with people who's ultimate desire is to annihilate them?

All Palistinians seem to want is constant concessions. And Bush-Rice is willing to give them. I am so dissapointed in my President. Indeed, what the hell happened?

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