Friday, December 21, 2007

I'm Offended...

It seems to be the season for people to be offended. Offended by anything remotely suggestive of Christ or Christianity during the Christmas Season. Case in point the preposterous flap about Gov. Huckabee's supposed cross in the background of his video Christmas message. Even if it were intended--so what?

So to be right in step with my fellow Americans I will list things that offend me.

1. I am offended that cultists in America and around the world identify their deity with mine. If you want to make up a religion, don't smear the name of the real Creator with your false doctrines.

2. I am offended that "artists" are allowed to treat symbols of my faith with monstrous disrespect.

3. I am offended that Muslims consider my Jewish brothers and sisters as wretched non-humans deserving of death, and then my country's leaders say Islam is a "religion of peace."

4. I am offended that Islam subjugates women, forces them to genital mutilation, makes them wear a black tent with eye-slits and calls that respecting women.

5. I am offended that "our friends" the Saudis don't allow Churches, Bibles, or any free exercise of religion, but we allow their citizens to come over here study to be pilots and ram planes into buildings.

6. I am offended that my nation and religion are villified around the world when we contribute hugely more than any nation both in government and private donations to folks in need. Whether it is tsunami aid, medical help, education or just plain food and money--USA gives more that most countries produce.

Thanks to Christian church ministries, many of the suffering people in the world are given food, medication and hope. All funded privately. I don't see Muslim countries or even European countries making any impact in this regard.

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