Sunday, August 26, 2007

Engaging Muslims..Dr. Borelli

The introductory session, a public lecture by Dr. Borelli on Aug. 26 was shocking in its dhimmitude.

He spent 90 minutes dabbling through history and recent Vatican documents extolling the virtues of dialog. Geez, I must have heard 'dialog' a hundred times! I had gone with a notebook to write down items I found needed questions or were particularly interesting...but ended up without more than the first in a series of errors and fallicies, shibblleths and outright blasphemy. All the trite drivel about the crusades and how knowledge flourished under Islam, blah blah.

I was frankly depressed that so many people were nodding their heads and clapping at such foolishness.

When question time came, I walked to the microphone and made my pitch for one item of truth. "Dr. Borelli, the syllabus for this course gives justification for the series in ten points. I see that in number six, Pope Benedict XVI is quoted as saying to Turks in 2006 "the way forward is ...via truth.." As a Christian I know the truth is sometimes difficult. But we must face it. The last point in the justification says we worship the same God. Even a cursory study of the Koran and the Bible would deny that...what is your response?

His response was that we indeed have the same God.

Yes, he really did. I am convinced now that Catholic leadership is not a Christian denomination, but in league with the enemy. That is not to say individual Catholics are not Christians, but what a difficult thing to swallow. A learned man, who claims to have great experience with Muslims saying we have the same God? This is a monstrous lie and does nothing to foster truthful interchange. In AA, an alcoholic's first step is admitting the problem. I think it's about time we admitted the problem and stopped pretending.

I pray for Muslims. that they my see the truth of the real God, the one who loves them.

As for Catholics, apparently the Pope and his council think there is some benefit in denying the truth. The truth being we have profound differences in theology, world view, even the use of logic when dealing with Islam.

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