Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Where are the moderate muslim voices?

Muslim friends in Anchorage, it is time for you to make yourself heard loudly and forcefully to denounce Islamo-fascism.

One young Muslim man stood up at the question period during the Engaging Muslims public lecture on Sunday complaining that he felt defensive about being labeled a 'terrorist' just because he was Muslim.

Gee whiz, folks, this can't be too difficult to figure out! If you sit by quietly while your coreligionists perform barbaric acts almost daily, indulge themselves in hateful speech, and cheer the death of non-combatants, women and children -- you're not helping your case. If that is not what you believe, speak up.

Write an editorial to the paper, take out a fullpage ad stating your horror and revulsion of Islamo-fascist action and doctrine. Work with local groups or churches to make a coordinated statement supporting the American way of life, the defense of liberty and the dignity of all people -- of whatever religion.

Maybe you don't like it, but that is just reality. It's too bad that we can't assume you are not sympathetic to Bin Laden, Hezbollah, etc, but the fact is we have no idea unless you tell us where your loyalty lies.

I pray for you and urge you to consider the one true God, who comes into time and space to communicate with His creation. His name is Yahweh, not Allah, and he loves you very much.

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