Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What to do about Muslims?

I often wonder what is the best approach to this problem of Arab imperialism in the guise of a religion. the following excerpt from an article on HirsiAli's site has good suggestions. Make muslims face the issues that the basic doctrines of Islam promote...Despotism and corruption in Muslim lands, economic paralysis despite trillions of petro dollars, and good grief, do I have to add how utterly depraved are the actions of millions of devoted Muslims? Just because many may be considered moderate, doesn't excuse the action of thousands of perverted attacks by individuals enacting exactly what the Quran tells them to do.

And then, beyond the political and journalistic groups, and beyond those who are to protect and instruct us, there are ever-widening groups of citizens. These must make sure that in every encounter with Muslims, their new knowledge, and new implacable attitude, are not hidden from view, but self-confidently displayed.

What effect will this have on Muslims? It will madden many. So what? Many have already been taught to spread Islam, to subdue Infidels, to remove every obstacle to the imposition of rule by Muslims. And they are prepared to use what instruments at the time prove most effective. Furthermore, they have never been put in a position where they are forced to look at, or to confront, the history of Islamic Jihad conquest and the subjugation of non-Muslims. Make them do so. Force them to do so.

And make them look -- because increasing numbers of Infidels will not for one minute let them forget -- at the way in which the basic doctrines of Islam, and the figure of Muhammad, have worked themselves out in history. If there is despotism and corruption all over the Muslim lands, make sure they understand that it is Islam itself that locates political legitimacy in the will expressed by a whimsical Allah, as revealed in the Qur'an, and glossed -- for most Muslims -- by the Hadith and Sira. Make them look at the fact that there is economic paralysis in the Muslim lands, despite the ten trillion dollars received since 1973 alone by ten Muslim members of OPEC. The few Muslim states that have some economic development have it because, though Muslim, they have for a long time been living with the systematic constraining of Islam as a political and social force, as in Turkey. Or they might enjoy a relatively higher level of economic development because they have within their borders a sufficient number of non-Muslims who are able to provide the essential element for economic development, as in Malaysia, or to provide a kind of modernizing and civilizing effect on the local Muslims, or at least on some of them, as has happened because of the large Christian presence in Lebanon.

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